Spring Clean Your Etsy Shop Part 10

and now, the final part, Part X: Favorites

So, we've gone through our shop and fixed up our listings and our shops. Another part of our shops is our "Favorites." Although this may not have a big impact on our customers necessarily, I just feel better that everything is all cleaned up and in its place.

If you look at your favorites, are thing things that are now blank or say that the listing has expired? Now is the time to click on the little "x" and delete them.

I have kept some of my favorite items that have been sold because I want to be reminded of that item and find the shop and purchase it in the future.

I also went through my favorite sellers and deleted a few whose shops have closed.

Everyone has a different reason for saving favorites. Personally, I save my favorite items because I want to buy these things. But sometimes my favorite sellers are just shops that caught my attention or people I want to support.

Your Turn

-> Go to "Your Etsy" and click on "Favorites" on the Left side

Go through and delete all the empty listings or things that you no longer want to save in your favorites.

Click on the "sellers" tab and clean up your favorite sellers - see if people have deleted their shop or maybe renamed or moved their shop.

Here are my favorites now.

Feel free to post a comment!
Thanks for Spring Cleaning your Etsy Shop with me!

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