Spring Clean Your Etsy Shop Part II

Part II of Spring Clean Your Etsy Shop, we will get our categories in order!

(If you missed Part I, we spruced up our policy pages.)

The categories in your shop make shopping easier for your customers. This is especially true if you have a lot of products, or many different kinds of products.

I have seen a lot of categories that go from the very plain the the creative. People have different opinions about what they like. I actually like both ways. However, if I am in a hurry and trying to find something quickly, I prefer simple.

Because of Etsy's streamlined look, everyone has the same font in their store. There are ways to (kind of) get around that. You can put a s p a c e in between each letter, or you can CAPITALIZE your letters (or lowercase them, for that matter.)

I have decided to go back to very simple and straight forward with no spaces or capitalization at all. Also, I will be adding new inventory shortly (rings!) so I made a new category. I also decided to do away with the "hardWire Jewelry" category and incorporate my hardWire Jewelry Line into the more simple categories of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. I might consider changing it back once I get the inventory back up in my store. (I also changed "other" into "miscellaneous." I am not sure that it really makes a difference!)

Your turn! Check out your categories and see if they need any tweeking. Also, you can do use the "batch sort" to make sure everything is in the correct category.

-> to edit your categories, go to your shop page under "Shop Setup" on the left side.

click on "Sections"

From there you can add, rename, delete or reorder your categories.

Have fun! Come back and leave the link to your store if you would like to ask for opinions on what you've done.

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