Spring Clean Your Etsy Shop Part IV

In case you missed them, here's the first 3 parts to this series:

Now on to Part IV.

I have been really struggling with exactly how much information to include in each listing, how professional or fun to make it, etc. I have decided to just be myself, but make sure all the pertinent details are included about each listing. Since I use many upcycled objects in my jewelry, I thought it would be good to tell the story behind them when I can.

I got a lot of useful information from this Etsy article about telling your story.

I also put a link from my listing to my Policies Page. My policies include a lot of information, so I figured I would use my words more wisely in each listing and just link to the rest of the information. (And since Part I was about updating our Policies Page, it is all ready to go!)

Changing and updating all your listings will be time consuming, depending upon how many listings you have, of course! If you sell and list a lot of stuff, you could probably just start with new listings or when you relist stuff.

Your Turn!

-> To edit your listings, just go your "Your Etsy" and click on the "edit" link that is to the Right of each listing.

Then you can click on the pencil symbol by "description" and then do your new description.

After editing your description, click on "Last" at the bottom of the page and make sure you click "Finish" on the next page. (If you don't, your listing will mysteriously disappear to the "inactive listings" section.)

Please feel free to comment and let me know your questions, troubles, or just to say "hi!" If you want to post a link to a new description that you would like feedback on, post a link to it.

Here's an example of a new description for me: Antique Adding Machine Button Ring

and here's an example of an old description that I will be changing

Much better, right? Please let me know what you think, or if you see any typos I missed!

Thank you!

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Social Marketing Mama said...

saw your post on twitter....I'm not an etsy seller, but I am a buyer. This is such a great post, all of them. You clearly took the time to research and put these together, very informative...I'm sure everyone will appreciate this!