Spring Clean Your Etsy Shop

This time of year always makes me feel like cleaning and organizing. I see it as a time to start fresh. Plus, my favorite seasons are just around the corner! (Spring and Summer)

I thought it was a perfect time to freshen up my Etsy Shop as well. I thought I would share what I am doing...maybe we can do some "Spring Cleaning" together?

I decided that this I will be breaking it into really tiny pieces. Probably parts that only take a few moments of a day.

Day 1: Policies

First thing I am working on is my policies. I have a lot of policies and they are akward and bulky.

Maybe you didn't fill in your policies yet...now's the time! :)

My plan is to make my policies as simple as possible while still having all the information that I think is important.

As a buyer, sometimes I take comfort in knowing exactly what will happen. Other times, I don't have the time or patience to read all the policies. Therefore, I am trying to make my policies "skimmable" so that my customers can skim over the information and glean what exactly it is they are looking for.

I invite you all to take a few minutes to look over your policies and create them, if necessary, or "freshen them up" if necessary and come back and discuss it if you would like. We can even check each others' policies and give some help and advise...and check for typos, etc. I would suggest linking directly to your policies page if you would like some feedback.

Here is my policy page. Any comments or impressions - or especially if there are typos I missed - woul be greatly appreciated!

Note, I am especially interested to know if they are too long and bulky. I am having a difficult time shortening them because I feel they are all important.

Also, I suggest cleaning up your policies one day, taking some time (perhaps overnight) and re-reading them the next day.

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