Spring Clean Your Etsy Shop Part VII

Spring Clean Your Etsy Shop Part VII

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Today we are going to work on:

Payment Methods


Web Analytics

This will be simple and painless! So, decide what payment methods you are going to accept. Most likely you have already made this decision in part Part I when we did our Policies Page, so just make sure your policies match your "Payment Methods"

Web Analytics are sort of confusing for me, but I did get mine set up. So, if you haven't and you want to see your stats and such, set them up. LOL!

Your Turn

-> Go to Your Etsy and click on "Payment Methods" on the Left side under "Shop Setup"

Make sure that what you have clicked is consistent with your policies.

If you pick "other," make sure you describe what "other" is in your policies.

Make sure you have the correct paypal address and mailing address

Click "save" at the bottom of the page.

->To set up Web Analytics, go to "Your Etsy" and click on "Web Analytics" on the Left side under "Shop Setup" and follow the directions.

As always, feel free to comment, ask questions or discuss here.

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