Spring Clean Your Etsy Shop Part 9

For the rest of the series:

and now, Part IX: Banner and Avatar

Your banner and avitar should represent your shop brand and vibe. Your avatar could showcase an item in your shop, yourself, or a really clever logo. Personally, I use a product because I think it will entice people to check out my shop. My banner is also my name along with some product photos. I am going to rework my banner, though, to show some really great photos I have and make sure I have a nice variety of what I offer in my shop.


-> To create a new banner, use your graphic design skills, hire one of the many people on Etsy to make one for you, or use the Etsy Banner Generator here: http://team.etsy.com/bannerdisplay.php

To load your banner, go to "Shop Setup" on the Left side and click on "Appearance." Use the browse tab to find your banner saved on the computer and upload your banner.

-> To change your avatar, click on "Public Profile" on the upper Left side.

Feel free to discuss, ask questions or comment here. :)

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