Spring Clean Your Etsy Shop Part III

In case you missed the first 2 parts, here they are: Part I and Part II

Today, I am going to look at the "Feature Items" feature of my Etsy Shop. (This should be a relatively easy task as the next task will be time consuming.)

As you probably know, at the top of your Etsy Shop, there are items that are featured items that are featured items. You pick these yourself and also pick the order.

My personal opinion is that the featured items should be items that aren't actually on the first page of your shop (unless you have 1 page only) and should really showcase your work.

In my shop, I sell jewelry mainly, but I have also started to add coasters and even photography ACEOs. I try to choose a variety of what I sell to feature. (Note: My ACEOs are currently on my first page; however, they are a new and different product for me, so I want to keep at least one on the top. I will probably feature my coasters once they go to the 2nd page.)

Once your featured item sells, it's no longer "featured" so you should have a few back ups starred, too (or many if you have a particularly busy shop.)

Your Turn!

-> Pick your featured items by going to "Your Etsy" and clicking on the star to the right of the item you want to feature.

To change the order, go into "featured in shop" on the left side under "Items" and use the up and down arrows to move the items.

**Also, some people choose not to feature any items. If you want to not feature items, just make sure none of the stars are green in "Your Etsy." I sort of like that idea, too.

Feel free to post any comments or questions! Here's my shop, you can check out my featured items: http://bbbellezza.etsy.com/

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