Spring Clean Your Etsy Shop Part VI

Spring Clean Your Etsy Shop Part VI

Today we are going to work on:

Shop Title

Shop Announcement

Alchemy Status and Announcement

and Message to Buyers

Don't worry, they are all relatively simple and they are all on the same page, so let's do them all!

Shop Title:

This appears on your shop page just under your banner. It's a great place for your tagline for your shop, or a little description of your shop. You only get a few words, so chose them carefully. I believe that I have read that Google and other search engines pick up the title, so use some keywords. I changed mine to add "coasters" since that is a new product I have added to my shop.

Shop Announcement:

There are differing opinions on this. Some people give a lot of information, some people do not use the shop announcement at all.

I am opting for somewhere in between the 2 extremes. I want my items to show up on the page when someone clicks on it, so I don't want my announcement to be too long.

->by the way! remember to save at the bottom of the page! I keep going to my shop page to see what it looks like when I change something, so make sure you save before you do that.<-

Alchemy Status and Announcement

Alchemy is Etsy's word for custom orders. If you are willing to have people contact you about custom orders, click "allow private requests", if not click "do not allow private requests."

If you do allow private requests, make sure to fill out your announcement, too. I am not taking custom requests at this time.

Message to Buyers

This is the message that the buyers recieve on their email when they make a purchase from you. I just did a read through and made sure to get rid of any akward statements and typos.

I added some instructions for if they need something resized or if they have a coupon code, too.

Your Turn

-> Go to Your Etsy and click on "Appearance" on the Left side under "Shop Set up"

This will open up the option to edit all of the features I mentioned above, as well as a banner (which we are not doing today)

Make any revisions and make sure to click on "save" at the bottom of the page.

As always, feel free to comment with any questions or problems you may encounter!

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