Earth Day 2010


It's Earth Day!

Of course, everyday is earth day here in the B.B. Bellezza studio and website.  

In honor of Earth Day, here's a recap of some posts that I have done in the past with the theme of trying to save the planet - one material, one craft, one art project at a time!

I recently made my blog Carbon Neutral.  If you haven't already joined this great program, there's still time to join in.  (More information at the link.)

Reusing an umbrella

I've recently become an "Avon Lady", and Avon has a new initiative "Hello Green Tomorrow."  If you donate $1 to Avon, they'll plant a tree!   If you place an order with me today, I'll donate $1 to them in your name.  (To place on order, go to http://youravon.com/KimBurkhart If you are in Lancaster, PA I'll be glad to deliver your order to you, use representative delivery.  Outside of Lancaster, PA, use direct delivery.  I'll see your order and donate the $1 with my order next week!)

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