How to Reuse Paper Bags

Before talking about ways to reuse paper bags, here's a short documentary that explores whether paper bags or plastic bags are better for the environment.

From here on out, we'll all remember to take our reusable canvas bags to the grocery store, right?

Here's what you can do with all your leftover paper bags:

1. You can reuse them as bags. (obviously)
2. You can use them in any way you would use any paper. Cut them so they are flat and then draw on them, paint on them, etc. (although, they are not acid-free)
3. Make a paper bag scrapbook. Here's my paper bag scrapbook tutorial
4. Decorate it and use it as wrapping paper
5. Cover your books
6. Use them to mail things. You can cut apart and wrap your item in the paper to mail it, or use the bag as cushion for inside.
7. Make a paper bag basket
8. Make a puppet! (video below)

What other ways do you reuse/recycle paper bags?

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