12 Ways to Reuse and Recycle Sheets


Your sheets are ripped, worn and used. Or perhaps you just redecorated and your sheets no longer match.

I have received donations of -a lot- of sheets for use in my crafting. I have already used them in a doll. I have also cut up another sheet that I didn't think I could use in my crafts for rags. They work great and you just wash them and use them again.

Here are some other suggestions I have found around the Internet to reuse and upcycle old sheets. Some of them are crafty, some require sewing knowledge, but others anyone can do.

What to do with old sheets:

1. Donate them. Especially in the second scenario where they are still in good shape.
2. Use them as a drop cloth when you are painting.
3. Toga! Toga!
4. Use for a picnic blanket (yes I am soooo ready for Spring!). I have read (and think this is a fabulous idea!) that the fitted sheets fit nicely over a picnic table and stay put!
5. Paint a banner on it
6. Cut them up and make reusable dust cloths
7. Cut them and make baby wipes with them (I have read, but never tried as I don't have a baby, to soak them in witch hazel and essential oils. Just keep them in a tightly sealed container.)
8. Cut them and use them as washcloths to remove makeup instead of using cotton balls
9. Make an octopus costume. Make your usual ghost costume, but then cut and braid the ends of the sheets.
10. Make a rag rug - there are a couple of ways to do this:


11. Make pillow cases
12. Make an apron:

These are just a few examples. Just don't throw them out! :) What ideas do you have to reuse sheets?


Renée T. Bouchard said...

I'd never heard the picnic table idea- that's fabulous.


B.B. Bellezza said...

I picked that up that ingenious idea somewhere along the way, I think it's fabulous, too!