Newspaper Flower Tutorial - Flowers that Never Wilt

Newspaper Flowers - Flowers that Never Wilt

This is one way to use up the newspapers that pile up every day (if you read papers.) If you don't get the paper, you probably have a friend or neighbor who does and who would love to give you a pile!

Plastic shampoo or other bottle OR button
Floral Wire
Flower Pattern (this is in pdf form - you can also draw your own!)
Awl (not pictured)

Step 1:
Print out and cut out the Flower Pattern. You can also draw your own pattern. Just make one shape smaller than the other shape.

Step 2:
Pin the pattern onto newspaper. I used 8 sheets of newspaper for each pattern piece.
Don't worry about putting the pin in, it just leaves a couple of holes that you won't notice and the middle will cover it up later anyway.

Step 3:
Cut out the flower pieces.

Cut out both the smaller flower and the larger flower pattern.

Step 4:

Curl the "petals" up using a pencil. I curled up the first couple of sheets individually, then did the back sheets all together.

Step 5:

Stagger the petals on a pile.

Step 6:

Carefully cut the plastic bottle and then cut out a circle. (Instead of doing this step, you could use a button.)

The plastic may be a little difficult to cut - be careful!

Step 7:

Use your awl to poke 2 holes in the plastic circle. It will look like a button. (Again, if you are using a button, obviously skip this step.)

Step 8:
Use your awl to poke 2 holes in the middle of your newspaper flowers. I was able to use my awl to go all the way through the newspapers.

Step 9:

Bend the floral wire in half

Step 10:

Place the plastic circle or button on the wire.

Step 11:

Place your cut out newspapers on the floral wire.

Step 12:

Twist the floral wire together. (This photo shows a very sloppy job! You can fix it up as you go along.)

I hold the wire with my pliers and carefully twist by the top flower part. You can also twist this by hand, but it will be a looser twist.

And here is the completed Newspaper Flower!

Make a bunch and you have a full bouquet! Use for decorations or give them as a gift. You could put them on top of presents instead of buying bows.

Have fun!


Chacoy said...

Cute tute;}
Thanks I am going to try it!

B.B. Bellezza said...

Thanks and good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this idea! What a fun way to repurpose old reading materials. I have an office without windows so I can't wait to bring a bunch into the office for some much needed early springtime cheer.