18 Fun and Useful Ways to Reuse Newspaper

2. Make it into a clay-like substance to make sculptures. See my Recycled Newspaper Puffy Heart Tutorial.

3. Wash windows or mirrors with it
4. Pack crumpled-up newspapers into containers to absorb orders. For example, put it in coolers when you store them for the winter.
5. Line your vegetable draw in your refrigerator with them to draw out moisture and smells.
6. Line pet cages with it. Also, you can use cut up newspaper as kitty litter in a pinch.
7. Make seed starting pots from newspaper.
8. Make a newspaper hut for your kids!
9. Use as wrapping paper. (It would be so adorable with a newspaper flower on top!)
10. Use newspaper to cushion packages you send.
11. Stuff crumpled newspaper into wet shoes to help them dry more quickly.
12. Use in your gardening.
13. Make a cool paper hat!
14. Go fly a kite.
15. Use it to make large patterns for sewing or crafting.
16. Use it for anything you would use any paper for!
17. Donate to farmers - I see boxes around asking for newspapers.
18. Make a newspaper fountain (see video below)

What other ideas do you have for reusing newspapers?


Kristen said...

Thanks for the link along with all the other great ideas!!

B.B. Bellezza said...

Sure thing! :)