Reuse Paper Bags and Make a Cool Scrapbook

Paper Bag Scrapbook

This is a simple tutorial to make a paper bag scrapbook. It is a great way to use up paper bags that you have laying around.

Once you make the basic book, you can embellish it however you would like. Other ideas I have thought about is to use just one bag and make a cool card for someone, filled up with something fun. Or fill the inside with paper and you have a really cool notebook or journal - take notes and save mementos in the open part.

One thing to note: This is not acid-free! Don't use your irreplaceable photos for this project because they will be ruined eventually. You could make copies of your precious photos and mementos.

What you need for this project:

1. Paper bags (I used 3, but you could use less or more)
I used smaller bags, but you can use larger bags to make a larger scrapbook.
2. Ribbon, lace, string or yarn
3. Hole punch
4. Any embellishments and glue to attach them - scrapbook paper, fabric, buttons, etc.

How to:

1. Fold each paper bag in half.

2. Line up the bags. Alternate the closed ends and open ends.

3. Line up folds like a book one bag inside of the next as pictured below.

4. Punch holes in all the bags at the spine side. I punched holes in each bag individually and then marked all the other bags from the first bag. Ideally, your holes will be in a straight line, unlike mine! :)

5. Cut pieces of ribbon, lace, string or yarn to tie through the book.

6. Tie each piece of ribbon, lace, yarn or string through the holes you punched out - through all of the bags and tie on the outside.

Now you have your basic scrapbook/journal/card/etc. Every other page has an opening to put things in. You can add extra photos there or save other things.

7. Finish your scrapbook by adding whatever embellishments you would like.
I added a fabric flower with a button on a piece of paper, then glued that to the front. I also make a pull-out with ribbons from a piece of scrapbook paper that I can add photos to or journal on.

This project is only limited by your imagination! So have a great time!

Again, remember that these books are not acid free and will not last forever.

* * * * * *
Update:  Since writing this tutorial I have an even better, more professional looking paper bag scrapbook tutorial.  It takes a little more time, but it's completely worth it!

This paper bag scrapbook was made using old maps for the decoration to make a fun travel journal scrapbook.

And this paper bag scrapbook is what I used to make my business plan much more fun!

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littlemamas said...

How Fun, I think I may do this today with my daughter, shes been cooped up in the house sick and now bored!! Thanks so much.

B.B. Bellezza said...

Have fun!