Antique Adding Machine Ring

I am crazy about this new design! It's simple, but quirky, unique and fun.

The ring is made with a button off an antique adding machine. How I received the adding machine has a story all it's own, too!

That's the beauty the button came off! The adding machine would have been thrown away, but my friends at Building Character (342 N. Queen St, Rear in Lancaster, PA) saved it for me. It was found in the old Lancaster Storage Company (the new home of artMarket at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER), a very historical location.

Truth is, I saw this adding machine weeks before and had hoped to get my hands on it! I actually wrote about the adding machine on a previous post when I first got it.
The ring is available in my shop. As you can see, many of the numbers have rubbed off with use.

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tina said...

FUN! I also checked out your studio on ArtFire.com and you have a lot of cool items there as well!