Back again....

Well, it has been quite a while since the last post. I have been reading some really beautiful blogs and wondering how do they make their blogs so beautiful and professional and lovely? I scarcely know what I am doing. But, I must try! I WILL be part of this lovely blogging community.

I have also been in a sort of hibernating, relaxing, reloading phase since Christmas. It is now time to get out of that funk and start back up with all the fun of my shop. I have been making some cool stuff - all for myself! I will let you in on some of this stuff soon.

Some news and how to now find me. You can now find me exclusively on Etsy. I have given up eBay at least for now. http://bbbellezza.etsy.com
Right now there are very few things listed in my shop. This shall be changing. I plan on updating sometime in the near future with some lovely jewelry at really inexpensive prices and of course my nurturing bath and body products. You must nurture yourself in this cold horrible wintertime. And you know you really should nurture your loved ones, too!

My plans for this blog will include really beautiful photographs as I am inspired by other bloggers, but alas, today will not be the day for this. This is just my trial blog to get me back into the swing of things again.

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