My store is going to be taking on a new format! I am going to feature gift baskets....lots of different gift baskets and I think pretty much ONLY gift baskets. I know, I keep changing things around, but I have been trying to figure out what is actually working, going to work into the future, and what I actually enjoy doing. I love putting together gift baskets, so I am focusing on them.

I am also going to continue on with the eye relaxation pillows, too. Only with more designs and cool slip covers. If I could only get more than a couple of minutes at a time together to start to work on them.

I am going to have the same products as I have been making all along. I am working a "Build-A-Basket" page, too. I have tried this before, and it didn't work, but I have some much much better ideas now!

So, I am excited, but in the meantime, my store is closed while I am trying to work out all of the little details.

Plus, I got some really awesome pocket mirrors with my logo from kittycrossbones18 Designs. I love 'em! Maybe you will get one with your next order, who knows?

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