Displaying, Organizing and Caring for Handcrafted Earrings

Earrings can be a real asset to any outfit.  I know people who don't really wear jewelry (gasp!) but they always wear earrings.

Earrings are quick and easy to throw on with any outfit.

But how do you care for them?


First let's talk about how to display and/or store your earrings.  I know that I have a ton of earrings in different colors, styles and lengths.  For a long time they were all in a drawer in my jewelry armoire in a mostly jammed up mess.  Then, I made my Canvas Earring Holder.  (You can make one, too, if you click on the link!)

There are all kinds of organizers and tools you can use to get your earrings organized.

This is another cute earring holder, although it will only hold 2 pairs of earrings.  (You could get a bunch, though!)

Or for dangle earrings only, try putting them on a jar or around a vase on your dresser.

You could keep all your earrings in individual plastic baggies in a drawer, if that works for you.  You could keep them in plastic tubs or decorative boxes.

Put them in pretty bowls and tea cups organized on your dresser top or in a drawer.


Before you display them, though, really organize them.  This is what I like to do when my earrings become a big jumbled up mess.

  1. Dump out your earrings somewhere you can spread out.
  2. Separate your earrings by color (or by whatever way makes sense for you.  Maybe you have different lengths, etc.)
  3. Pair up the earrings.  Find the missing earrings you dropped on the floor.
  4. Put the earrings on whatever display or storage solution that you are going to use.

Handmade earrings really are artwork and should be treated as such.  I joke about my jumbled up draw, but that is really no way to treat handmade earrings!  They really should be carefully placed on or in whatever display or storage you are keeping them.

If they start to tarnish, very carefully use a silver polishing cloth to clean them.  Since most of my designs have some sort of wire wrapped element, please be very careful when cleaning the wire wrapped aspect of the earrings.

I do not recommend submerging B.B. Bellezza earrings for a variety of reasons.  I use vintage and repurposed items.  While I do what I can to protect these pieces, submerging them in jewelry cleaner may not be good for all of them.  If you use a polishing cloth, you have total control over what is happening.  A polishing cloth won't damage stones and beads.  A polishing cloth won't remove the protective seal I put over my hardware (or over the little numbers as seen in the above photo).  I don't know if dipping it will, but I can't be sure.

For my scrabble tile earrings, I recommend reading this post for learning how to care for them:  Caring for Glass Tile Pendants and Scrabble Tile Pendants

For B.B. Bellezza Handcrafted Earrings, visit my earrings section of my shop.

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