Fabric Flower Tutorial

Fabric Flower Tutorial

This tutorial is similar to my Newspaper Flower Tutorial, but uses fabric instead!

These make great gifts because unlike regular flowers, these flowers never die!  Use old worn out clothing for fabric and your helping the planet twice (once for not cutting flowers and again by reusing fabric.)

Materials and tools:

2 Buttons
Floral Wire
Straight pins


Step #1

Print out and cut the flower pattern.  Alternatively, you could draw your own.  The flowers are 2 sizes, one is smaller than the other.

Step #2

Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut out the fabric.  You'll cut 3 of each size.  You can use 2 different colors like I did here, or you can use just one color.

Next we're going to put all the pieces in a pile in order.

Step #3
Put a large flower right side down first.

Step #4

Fold the other 2 large flowers in half - right side out - and place them next to each other as shown in the photo.

Step #5

Place the smaller 2 flowers on top of the larger in a similar manner, but place them the other direction.

Step #6

Place the final smaller flower on top, right side up and unfolded.

Step #7

Fold the floral wire in half.

Step #8

Place a button on the floral wire.

Step #9

Before we start placing the fabric on the floral wire, we need to place small cuts in the fabric.  I cut each as I need them.  Take the top flower and fold it in half, and fold it in half again.  Make a tiny cut in the fabric.  (It will make 2 cuts.)

Step #10

Take the top flower off the pile, cut slits in it (as described in step #9) and slide it onto the floral wire, right side facing the button.

Step #11
Place the first of the folded flowers onto one prong of the floral wire. 

Step #12

Add the next flower on the other prong of the floral wire.

Step #13

Add the next folded flower, going the opposite direction as the first 2.  This time, you'll place both prongs of the floral wire through the hole.

Step #14

Place other folded flower onto the floral wire just like in the previous step.

Step #15

Add the final flower, wrong side toward the other flowers.

Step #16

Add the second button.

Step #17

With your pliers, twist the floral wire.  I like to make sure the first twist is tight to the button.

Step #18
Then twist the entire floral wire.  I usually hold the pliers on the wire and twist the flower.  Then as it is twisted, move the pliers down the wire.

Step #19
Enjoy your never-dying flower!

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