Sale and New Year Update

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone is ready for a fresh new start and new year.

I have a lot planned for this wonderful new year that I want to tell you about.

Artwork Pendants

First off, as you may know, I have started a new website, ArtworkPendants.com

This website will have just artwork pendants (I previously called them art charms).  I’m working on a whole new line up of pendants and a collector’s card to make collecting them fun and easy!  They are mostly scrabble tile pendants and glass tile pendants that feature art!  Either art from a famous person (Monet, Renoir, Manet, Degas, Van Gogh, etc., etc.) or art from an indie artist (Stephanie Corfee, Iolanda Reinsmith, David Gerbstadt, Lauren Startzman, etc.)

If you want to continue to hear about Artwork Pendants, head over and sign up for the newsletter.  The website is currently under major construction.  If you sign up, I’ll let you know when it’s up and running and send you the collector’s card free when it’s ready!


I have also been very hard at work on a new tutorial and will be ramping up both my tutorials for sale and free tutorials on my blog! 

I get so many questions about how to sell on etsy, eBay and lots of other questions about online sales and marketing that I have decided to write a course for the beginner!  I’ll give out more details as they are available, but make sure to get on the email list for tutorials so you know when it’s coming!

To get more focused tutorial newsletters, sign up here.  I’m working on a free tutorial to send subscribers for signing up and I’ll send it to you when it’s ready.  You can expect free tutorials and announcements about new tutorials in that newsletter!  Puts tips and techniques I won’t share elsewhere!

B.B. Bellezza Green Handmade Jewelry

New green handmade jewelry is on its way, too! 


Right now use the code “NEWYEAR20” (without the quotes) to get 20% off in my etsyshop for a limited time!  OR use code “FREESHIP” to get free shipping.  Pick one code and save!  (For some instructions on how to use coupon codes on etsy, see my little tutorial here:  How to Use Coupon Codes on Etsy)


There have been a lot of questions regarding payments on etsy lately.  It’s been confusing for a lot of people, so if you have been confused, you are definitely not alone!

In order to pay via credit card, you have to chose “pay via paypal.”  You can then either use your paypal account if you have one - OR - put in a credit card without a paypal account.  (You do not have to have a paypal account nor do you have to sign up for one).
Of course, if you have any questions about this or anything else, please feel free to contact me.  Just hit reply to this email!

Thank you all for a wonderful year and I’m looking forward to a new one!

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