Virtual Open House

Updated with more details 6-27-11!

Virtual Open House

The B.B. Bellezza Virtual Open House is coming up next week!!!

What is a Virtual Open House?

Did you ever go to a jewelry party (or tupperware, princess house,etc) at someone's house?  Well, this is basically the same, except that it's held online!

**There will be several door prizes given away during the open house.  Several different pieces of jewelry, plus a grand prize of a $35 gift certificate for my etsy shop!  The door prizes will be announced and a winner chosen every 15 minutes the night of the Virtual Open House!

**That night I'll be offering a 20% discount for everyone who comes to the Virtual Open House!  Pluse Free Shipping for the United States and Canada!

(TIP:  Sign up for my newsletter and receive an even better discount code that you can use for the entire week!  Plus, if you can't make it to sign up for door prizes that night, if you sign up for my newsletter and email me that you want to enter the drawings for the door prizes, you don't even have to be there!) 
If you haven't visited my shop in a while, there is new jewelry to check out, and even more will be there by Wednesday evening!

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