Flower Week!!

Welcome to Flower Week here at the B.B. Bellezza Blog!

What does this mean?  

It means a full week of flowery goodness!  Each day I will be sharing flowers of some sort.  Some of it will be crafty - like tutorials to make your own flowers, some of it will be photography - photos of real flowers, and some of it will be sharing other artsy/crafty flowers for your viewing pleasure.


This also means a giveaway!!

I'll be giving away a button bouquet to one lucky person at the end of the week!  To enter, just leave a comment here about anything you like!  You can tell me about why you love flowers, spring, a link to a great tutorial about flowers, or just say "hi."  The winner will be announced Friday at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

The giveaway is this cute green button flower bouquet.  (Please note, it may seem larger here than in person!  It is still completely adorable!!)  The buttons are on wire, so you can use it as a bouquet as is (in a vase, etc.) or you could wrap the wire around a headband for a really cool spring look!

Why Flowers?  
Here in Pennsylvania we're just finally starting to get out from under the massive amounts of snow we received this winter.  I have spring fever!!  I bet a lot of you do, too!  I'll be sharing why we all could use some more flowers in our lives during this week in more detail.

Make sure to check in each day this week for more flowery fun!


The Lone Dollier said...

I'm getting ready here in South Louisiana too for spring. I'm ready to venture out to Lowe's and see what spring flowers they have ready to plant. But first, my son has to get the area I want them planted in ready. See, I'm under doctor's orders not to lift or do manual labor until May! I had neck surgery in Feb and won't be released fully until then. So, my teenager gets to do the heavy lifting. Also, I have got to learn how to make all the wonderful paper & fabric flowers I am seeing. It's driving me nuts. LOL


Renée T. Bouchard said...

Count me in on the giveaway! I have a friend who would LOVE that button bouquet. If I don't win it, I should probably just buy it! lol


Tess said...

Hi, Your flowers are so cute. The tutorial is really easy to follow. I would love to win the button bouquet.

SMJ said...

You have a such a beautiful blog. The colors are vibrant and provide a break from the snow covered parking lots here in PA. :) The button bouquet is simply cute. :)
You sure did a lot of hard work putting all these pictures for us. Great job!

Weeza said...

I was loving this week in PA. Truly spring weather. Hope it stays this way.

I love the button bouquet. So pretty and what a great idea.