Fabric Rose Flower Tutorial {Flower Week Day 2}

I have been really enjoying making these flowers from leftover fabric, old jeans, old t-shirts, or basically any leftover fabric.  They are pretty easy, and they look really cute!  I took a bunch and made a garland for my booth at Building Character.  It got a lot of comments on First Friday.

I basically used this tutorial on beaded fabric flower necklace, but skipped the beaded necklace part, and just used the flower part!

The flowers I used in my garland were much larger than the ones in the tutorial or even the one I made here.  To make larger flowers, just use longer and wider fabric.  I found that t-shirt material worked very well.


A long, skinny piece of fabric
(for this small flower, I used a piece 20" long and about 1" wide)
Thread or embroidery floss

Step #1

If you're using embroidery floss, you want to separate it.  I used 2 strands and that was about right.

Step # 2

Fold the fabric in half long-wise.

Step #3

Start to roll the end - roll it a few times.

Step #4

Secure it with a few stitches.  (In the tutorial I mentioned above, she doesn't clip the thread - I do cut the thread.)

Step #5

Fold the fabric at a 90 degree angle.

Then continue to roll the fabric around.  You are creating a "flower bud."

Step #6

Secure with a couple of stitches.

Step #7

Continue to fold the fabric in a 90 degree angle, roll the fabric and secure with a few stitches until you use the fabric or make the flower the size you would like.

Step #8

Finish the flower by anchoring the end with some stitches.

This makes a small flower, a nice size for jewelry or on a barrette for your hair.  To make a larger flower, just make your fabric larger.  Experiment until you get the size you would like.

To make the flower garland I just took embroidery floss and strung each flower through and knotted each side of the flower to hold it in place.

Have fun making these flowers! 

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