The Mystery Typewriter and Where I will be this weekend

Typewriter - Smith Corona, originally uploaded by B.B. Bellezza.

Well, the mystery has been solved, actually. And it was sort of just who I would have suspected.

My pal Tony at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER rescued this beauty from the trash. Doesn't look much like a beauty in this photo, does it?

Well, once I popped all of the keys off and cleaned them up, they turned out really nice. Look for some typewriter jewelry in the future! I can't wait to use these keys.

And make sure you check out my salvaging pals at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER!

Which reminds me,

I will be at my booth at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER tonight for Music Friday in downtown Lancaster, PA. (342 North Queen Street)

Trash and Glory + Katie Becker will be performing live starting at 6 pm tonight.

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luthien said...

hello bellezza :)
thank you for visiting my blog and leaving that sweet comment! hope to see you again soon :)) take care and God bless...