Thursday Green Artist of the Week - Redux Redux

I am so delighted to feature a wonderful green artist this week, Redux Redux. Redux Redux’s tagline is “gifts that leave small footprints.”

re • dux (rē-dŭks'): [adj] brought back; returned; resurgent

Redux Redux uses reclaimed pieces whenever possible. For example, their Dashies and Windies use reclaimed jewelry pieces to make your rearview mirror, computer screen, or really anywhere you can hang it, more fun.

Redux Redux also has adorable treasure/keepsake boxes made from plastic boxes that used to hold microscope slides. So cute!
Look how beautiful these aroma tins are! The embellishments are made from recycled and reclaimed papers.

Here’s an example of Redux Redux’s green packaging!

Looking through Redux Redux’s Etsy Shop shows that recycling can be beautiful. Giving something a second chance not only makes the planet more beautiful, but the items themselves can be beautiful as well!

The Interview:

1. How/when did you get your start?
I got started a couple of months ago when I found myself working 24/7. I couldn’t even remember what I used to do for fun, so I knew it was time to find something that was stress-reducing. Crafting helps give my life a sense of balance.

2. What specifically do you do that is “green” in your business?

We reclaim and reuse materials whenever possible. Old jewelry becomes a window decoration. Paper scraps get used to make tags and embellishments. Plastic bags get made into garlands and pom-poms. Petals that fall off of silk flowers at the craft store get upcycled into embellishments for sachets/aroma bead tins. Junk mail envelopes get stamped and embellished and turned into tiny gift bags…You get the idea…It is a fun challenge to look at something that someone is ready to throw away and figure out a creative use for it.

3. Why have you decided to use these green practices or make these products?

It just feels right. Honestly, doesn’t it get to you that we throw out so much stuff? I don’t like clutter so this gives me a chance to re-use things and give them a fresh, clean feel.

4. Do you have one tip for people to incorporate being green into their everyday life?

Be okay with not being perfect. Little things matter. I always tell myself that any little thing I do is better than not doing anything. It’s not a competition to be ‘the greenest.’ Just do what you can do and feel good about it.

5. Anything else you would like to add?

The proceeds of our shop go to my daughter who is studying sustainable development and agroecology. She’s developing a web-business to get college kids to purchase jewelry and accessories from women in developing nations as opposed to buying things at the local mall. She has worked on an organic farm in Mexico and in the rain forest building trails in Costa Rica. I’m so lucky to have her in my life!

Find Redux Redux
on Etsy: http://reduxredux.etsy.com/

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