Adding Machine

Adding Machine, originally uploaded by B.B. Bellezza.

So, I actually have been eyeing up this adding machine in the storage area at Building Character for a little while. I am not sure why I hadn't just asked about it, but I didn't.

Yesterday at Sunday Market they gave it to me!! It felt like Christmas! It was actually going to get tossed into the dumpster, can you imagine? Luckily, they now check with me before throwing out anything. I can't think of anyone but me ~ except for Tony and Marty, perhaps ~ who gets so excited about "garbage."

The adding machine is rusty and doesn't work what-so-ever, but look at those awesome keys!

Whenever you are thinking about throwing something away....think of me. Maybe you can reuse this item in a different way, or maybe someone else could use it. You never know!

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