More Buttons!

I have added more button jewelry to the shop. I actually have a couple more pieces to go. I am loving how adorable the jewelry is and lightweight. I need more buttons!

The bracelet above is full of buttons. All of these buttons were saved from their trip to the landfill....some of them I believe were saved from clothing. (I live in Pennsylvania Dutch country, so we have a strong German heritage.) There are earrings to match this also in my shop. (I can make a pendant or charm necklace to match, too, if you desire one.)

I will be adding more jewelry this evening and/or tomorrow to my shop.

Remember, December 1st is Cyber Monday and I will be running a sale! (I don't want to spill the beans yet!) Already there is free shipping to everywheree, which will continue at least for Cyber Monday.

Although I am not having an extra sale on Black Friday, shipping is free. Also, I am doing a craft show on Saturday 11/29/08, so my inventory from my Etsy Shop will be with me that day. What I sell at the show will no longer be available in my shop. (hint: if you are watching something in my shop, it is time to get it!)

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