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Friday we did Green Dragon Market in Ephrata, PA. By "we" I mean that I helped my boyfriend set up, drove him nuts until asking him if he had everything he needed and did he want to ask me anything to which he responded, "what would make me feel better is if you would go to work." So, I went to work. Jim held down the fort.

I have thought about this a lot, I wasn't going to write about this show, but I decided that this blog is my life - good and bad - and others might glean some information from it.

I had mistakenly thought that no matter what the situation I at least make a certain amount of money at each show. This has been the case basically each show since I began doing them again this spring. However, this show was different.

I had been to Green Dragon only one other time, and I didn't particularly remember it. I thought it was basically a farmer's market, with some flea market stuff and a some handmade items, too. Okay, probably not necessarily my target group, but I thought maybe my target group would show up. I am a member of my target group and I go to flea markets.....

So, it was hot and miserable and I was in my little office in the air conditioning while my boyfriend had to deal with the mass-produced jewelry-seller across the way. Yes, directly across from my stand. $2 jewelry.

So, to top off the day, just when I was on my way up to take over after work, the skies opened up and the rains pounded down. We packed up and left.

Instead of looking at the day as a total loss, I have decided to learn a couple lessons:

1. I can give up control and let my boyfriend run the stand on his own. I don't have to be a control freak.
2. The Green Dragon will not work for my products. Most likely I should stay away from flea markets altogether.
3. My tent is actually waterproof. (this is the first test of it)
4. I can pack up my stand super fast in a thunderstorm.

This event was disappointing, but I am moving on. I knew we were just testing it and it may not work, but I still thought we would make some money.

I want to add, although I don't think I will be a vendor at this market, nor do I recommend it for handmade jewelry designers in particular, it is a huge market and you should check it out if you are local.

In other news, I have been making more pendants! Some are going out on assignment (lol! that's consignment!) but more will be making their first appearances at my show on Friday (more about that later in the week) and in my shop. I just have to do some finishing touches and then they will be photographed and listed in my shops.

This pendant was made with a page out of a Japanese novel and a picture featuring a pretty tree.

My etsy shop has some deals right now in the "Sale" section.

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