Forgiveness ...

I don't mean to get down on Etsy, but it sure seems like the site is down.... a lot!!
I do understand, but it gets frustrating. But, I do love the Haim on fire graphic. It makes me laugh.

I guess I am just an eBay girl at heart. And I am okay with that!

On another note.........................................

I have been kind of out of it lately. Really, I have been on this sort of emotional roller coaster ride. If you remember, back in March there was an attempt to steal my car from my work parking lot. You can read all about what happened here and what happened subsequently here.

So, now it's 3 months later. I am over it. Oh, my lovely car hasn't been starting for a week and a half anyway (not related to the theft incident). I get this call from this community mediation group to meet with the juvenile who tried to steal my car.

From what the gentleman tells me, juveniles are 50% less likely to commit another crime if they go through this program. Of course I will do it. Plus, I probably need the closure of talking to this guy and putting all of this behind me.

The meeting was today after work. I was a complete wreck yesterday and today. I don't know why, but I was so nervous. I really figured he was probably a good kid in with the wrong crowd. I had already been told he had never committed another crime. But, I really wanted to give him a good learning experience without freaking him out. I also wanted him to realize that he was better than all this and he didn't have to continue his life down this path.

So, I go into the room and he and the mediator are already there. They were both so friendly, it was really easy. He explained what happened, that he was trying to straighten up his life and that he was never going to do anything like this again. He also apologized. We also worked out a payment plan for him to repay the cost to fix my car. It was a positive experience and now I am ready to put this to rest. I hope that it had a positive impact on his young life, too.

I have forgiven him. Really, I have. It wasn't hard either! He sincerely apologized. We all make mistakes, but not everyone is a strong enough person to live up to the mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

I wish nothing but the best for him.

Well, tomorrow is Friday...YAY!! I just have to get through tomorrow and I will feel so much better. I have quite a day tomorrow as well at work. Kind of emotional for me, too. Someday I will post my Creative Nonfiction piece about Mr. Bump.

At least I will be out of the office! :)

Have a Fabulous Friday! I will talk to you soon!

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