My car was *Almost* Stolen!

What a CRAZY day!

Here is my crazy story.....

So, I am enjoying a nice lunch downtown with my buddy Valerie. For some reason she looks at her cell phone and realizes that our boss has tried to call her several times. She returns the call....my boss was looking for me because my car had been broken into.

Honestly, I was so unimpressed and unaffected that I said to Valerie, "so, can we finish lunch?" I mean, I know that the only thing that someone breaking into my car would be after is the CD player, and that doesn't even work. I would love to be there when the theif realized that they stole a broken CD player!

No, we cannot finish lunch, the police were waiting for me.

We promptly get our check and hussle our booties to the work parking lot. On the way there, another call from our boss. Where are we, there are 7 police officers there?

Hmmm....maybe it is a little worse than I thought?

So, we finally get to the parking lot. At that point, there is just one officer and then the crime scene investigator (Real life CSI!!) arrives.

The officer says, "are you the victim?" Victim? I didn't even know that something had happened to me. "Well, it's my car."

The officer starts taking my information, I hear my name and address come accross the radio in response to the officer asking for some code that I didn't understand (I guess they run my tags to make sure I didn't steal the car or something.)

Finally, I find out the news that apparently, 2 teenagers actually tried to STEAL my car. Not break in, but take the car itself.

I don't get it.

So, then the CSI guy asks me if the car was locked....... oh-uh ..... "No, I never lock my car."

It never occurred to me that someone would try to steal my whole car!!

Okay, so the craziest part of this whole story, and of course the part that I completely missed, was that they caught the people right away and apparently it was like the show "Cops" and there were 7 police cars and they had the "perps" on the ground. Very exciting. Of course, I missed it.

At any rate....my car is fine. The guys didn't know what they were doing, so they didn't get anywhere. The ignition is all ugly and messed up, but the car works fine. Everyone in my office was more affected by the incident than I was. I really just laughed it off and went on with my day.

And now I will lock my car doors.

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