More Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

I wrote a post about Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles that was really popular.  I'm so glad that people are interested in recycling plastic bottles.  They are one of the worst things we are doing to our planet, in my opinion.

For the original post, Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles, click here.

Here are even more ways to reuse plastic bottles:

1. Woven Plastic Bottle Vase Tutorial

2.  DIY Plastic Bottle Lamp Base

3.  Plastic Bottle Beads.  I have been meaning to try these out.  

4.  Make a Bottle Change Purse.  Click on the link for the directions, but it's pretty simple:
Cut the bottom part of 2 bottles off.
Hot glue or sew a zipper in between the 2 bottle bottoms.

5.  Recycle them.  If you aren't crafty or not interested in making crafty projects.

6.  Better yet, just don't use them to begin with!  Use reusable water containers instead.

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