12 More Ways to Reuse Paper Bags

Paper bags have been a bit of a controversy.  Are paper bags better than plastic?  I have a previous blog post with Ways to Reuse Paper Bags, which includes a video documentary about whether plastic or paper are better for the environment.  Click here to watch the video and see the first 8 Ways to Reuse Paper Bags.

I think we all can agree that reusing canvas shopping bags is best.

If you still find yourself with paper bags here are even more ways to reuse the paper bags you end up with:

1.  Use a dust mop?  Struggle to get the dust and dirt off it?  Put it in a paper bag and put a rubber band around it to secure the bag.  Then shake the dust mop to get the dust and dirt off.  Carefully remove the paper bag.

2.  Remove wax.  Heat the wax through a paper bag, moving the paper bag around to use new portions to pick up the wax.  Do not use a printed bag as this may cause the ink to run.

3.  Reuse as gift bags.  Use acrylic paint to cover any printed areas or glue on decorative paper.  Use decorative punches to decorate the edges, add ribbons, etc.  Get creative!

4.  Place fruit in a paper bag to accelerate ripening.

5.  Make a mailer with paper bags.  Click here for a tutorial on how to do this.

6.  Make an amazing butterfly wreath!!

7.  Make paper!

8.  Use them to protect surfaces when your painting, gluing or doing other messy crafty projects.

9.  Cut out eyes and decorate to make a mask.

10.  Make a kite.

11.  Use them to separate your recyclables.

12.  Cut into strips and tape them to make chains for decorations.

You can also make a Paper Bag Scrapbook.  Click here to get my original, simple Paper Bag Scrapbook.

Find out more about my updated Paper Bag Scrapbook there and how to get the step-by-step instructions for free, too.

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