My New Pretty Dress and a New Way to Shop for Clothes

Recently, I received this dress.  Pretty, right?  It's even prettier in person, better than I could have expected.  It's called the "Walking on Sunshine Dress."

I know a lot of people aren't fans of yellow.  Lately I have been, though.  It started with a shirt my mom gave me.  I didn't think I really liked yellow, but I put it on and loved the color on me.  I'm pretty fair, so I didn't really think that color would ever work on me, but I was wrong.

I got this dress from eShakti.com

eShakti.com is a online clothes shop.  They have all kinds of beautiful clothes.  That's not the best part, though.  The best part is ordering!  (Okay, the best part is actually getting your new dress, but ordering is fun, too!)

First you pick your size.  They have up to 3X, so you'll find your size.  (I appreciate that they have plus sizes immensely!)

Then you pick your height.  Yep, you tell them how tall you are.  So, if you are a taller (or shorter!) woman who can never find anything long enough, they customize the clothes for you. 

Then, the best part!!!  You pick custom styling!  You can get your dress any length you want!

I'm going to be honest here.  I messed this part up.  I wanted a long dress, and this dress already was ankle length (it's in the description).  Instead of just getting it as pictured, which is really what I wanted, I - for whatever reason - picked "full length with 3 inch heels." 

This was a mistake for a few reasons:

#1 It's summer and I don't usually even wear heels in the summer.
#2 The dress was exactly the length I wanted it to be without changing it to begin with.
#3 You put your height in, so they know exactly how long to make it!!  I always overcompensate for my height.  I always think that I am tall and nothing is ever long enough.  (This isn't really even the case any more.  5'7" really isn't that tall anyway!) 

I highly recommend eShakti.  The dress is beautiful, the quality of the dress is wonderful, they made it exactly as I ordered it, and it was fun to order!  The prices are great for the quality and customization you receive. 

{Full disclosure:  I did receive this dress free of charge.  However, I would never allow the fact that a company sent me something for free affect my review of a product on my blog.}

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jancey said...

A very beautiful yellow dress, I like it! Thanks for sharing!