5 Household Reuses for Newspaper

Really, the best way to avoid wasting newspaper is to not get one to begin with, right?  You can get your news  from the internet, of course, but I do understand holding something phyfsical in your hands.  (I have an eReader, but I still like to read "real" books every once in a while.)

If you subscribe to the daily news, you're going to have a big pile of newspaper in no time at all!  You're going to need to do something with all that paper.

Here are 5 Household Reuses for Newspaper:

1.  Use them for cleaning glass instead of wasting paper towels.
2.  They are great for absorbing odors, so line your vegetable trays in your frig with them. Some people like to put a lining of newspaper then a lining of paper towels.
3.  Crumple them up and put them in your sneakers.  It gets rid of any bad smells PLUS if they are wet/moist, it helps dry them out.
4.  Use in suitcases in storage to keep out bad odors.
5.  Stuff in coolers that you store - it will keep them dry plus keep out odors.

What ways do you reuse newspaper around your house?

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