Changes to this Blog + New Website. Like my Tutorials? Please read this!

I wanted to let you know that there would be a few changes happening around here. 

I have started a new website for everything tutorial related.  There's a brand new tutorial over there:  Wire Wrapped Skeleton Key Headband Tutorial.

Tutorial website:  KimberlieKohler.com

Another change:  I'm married and my name is now Kimberlie (Burkhart) Kohler!

There is a new Emerging Creatively Tutorials Facebook Page (it's VERY new with no information, but don't worry, that will change!)

The B.B. Bellezza Facebook page for my jewelry updates.

My Twitter account (now @BBBellezza) will be switching to the name Kimberlie Kohler soon.  I will include tweets about everything I’m doing including both new jewelry and tutorials.  It’s me, lol, so it’s whatever is happening in my life at any given moment.

I already have 2 separate newsletters:

For Handcrafted Jewelry, B.B. Bellezza

So, make sure that if you are interested in Tutorials, to make the switch over to the new website so you keep getting great information.  And if you're interested in my handcrafted jewelry, stay right where you are!  If you are interested in recycling tips and ideas, you'll find them in both blogs depending on the information.  (If they are tutorial related, they'll be at KimberlieKohler.com)

Also - I'm still working on the Kimberlie Kohler website, so it's not so beautiful yet and there isn't a simple button to click to follow, but if you sign up for my email newsletter, I'll make sure that you you get updates!  (I'll be changing the look somewhat of this blog, too.)

If you are interested in all I do, sign up for both newsletters and follow both blogs!  :)

If you are confused, let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to un-confuse you! 

Also note:

Everything that I have posted thus far on this blog will remain here, and all my posts up to this point have also been transferred to the new website. 

From this point on, however, posts will be in their perspective websites.

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