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{bracelet from my wedding}
I started making jewelry when I was a child. 

I don’t exactly remember how I got started. I do know that I have this pink unicorn purse/tiny duffle bag filled with beads. They were all just in there together mixed up. Plus there was stretch cord. 

I made bracelets mostly. In random rainbow colors. 

I got into other things and left the pink unicorn purse behind. 

Then one day, about 7 years ago I pulled out the purse again and started making jewelry again. 

Through the years I have tried new techniques. Sometimes I love the new technique, sometimes I hate it. If I love it, I keep doing it. If I hate it, I don’t do it again. I remember when I first tried wire-wrapping (one of my most favorite techniques now), I was all over the place. My wraps were a mess and I really didn’t know what I was doing. I started making rings, too. I just looked at what other people’s rings looked like and tried it in my own way. 

I did it. I figured it out. My wraps became more even and less a big mess. My designs stayed together and I did it! 

Sometimes trying something new can be intimidating. For me, making jewelry isn’t, but computer stuff is. Moving my blog over to Wordpress has been intimidating. I’m taking a class to learn the steps of how to do it, and I’m learning. 

Maybe wire-wrapping jewelry is like that for you. You’re not sure where to even start. That’s how I was with Wordpress. I am glad I found someone to hold my hand through the process. 

I’m happy to let you know that soon I can hold your hand through the process of learning to wire-wrap. I will soon be done with my latest digital program, Wire Wrapping for Beginners. I’m so very proud of this eBook and I can’t wait to get it into your hands! I will tell you more details later, but I am so excited about it! 

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Jewelers in Minnesota said...

Your jewelry is gorgeous. The color combinations are fabulous. I loved reading your story. Thank you for sharing.