What Mom Wants for Mother's Day + Tutorial Sale

Have you ever felt the joy of giving your mom a handmade gift?

Maybe you made her a card when you were young.  Or a handprint (they were really popular when I was a kid.)  Maybe even a macaroni necklace that your mom wore all Mother’s Day just because you made it for her.

The joy is really 2-fold when making a handmade gift.

1.  First, there is a joy and sense of empowerment when you make the gift.  There is something about making art or craft that you cannot get anywhere else.  The world drops away and you are entirely focused on your project.  You forget about your worries - work, financial, relationships, or whatever your worry is about.  You find peace and serenity, even if it’s just for a few moments.

2.  Second, there is a joy when you present the gift.  You feel the joy as your mom opens your gift.  She feels the joy when she sees the magnificant thing you have made for her.  She deeply will feel the love that you put into the gift, and she knows that you have made it just for her.  You have taken your time and energy, your creativity and love to create this one-of-a-kind present for her. 

There is nothing like that joy, that satisfaction and empowerment.

You have come so far since the macaroni necklace, baby!  If you don’t think you have, I can teach you.  Step-by-step.  In full color photos.  Plus you get my help via email if you get stuck.

You can customize your gift to your mom’s favorite color.  In my latest tutorial you can even add photos!  I can tell you from experience, your mom will adore that!  She might even cry!

I’m not going to say it will be super easy, but you can learn and I am here to help you.  Step-by-step.  (And, maybe it will be easy...) 

About my tutorials:

My tutorials are very detail oriented.  When I write them, I assume you know nothing about how to do whatever the project is.  (One exception:  sewing tutorials.  I assume that you can at least sew in a straight line.  You by no means need to be a master seamtress, or anything close.  You can just be starting!)

You get step-by-step instructions with close up, clear photos.  I have seen other tutorials and patterns, and my photos are much clearer.  Sometimes it seems like the person missed a step - mine don’t.  You get stuck anyway?  Don’t panic, just email me and I’ll help you.

I have 18 different tutorials for sale in my Craftsy Pattern Shop.

Once you make a payment, you have instant access to download the pattern.


May 4, 2012 - May 12, 2012

As a special treat, and in honor of my mother, Kathy Burkhart, without whom I would have never found the joy of crafty, I’m having a tutorial sale!

Free tutorial is of equal or lesser value.


Head over to my Craftsy Pattern Store and peruse your options.  Find 2 that you want to try.  Purchase the more expensive of the 2.

Send me an email with the name of the 2nd one you would like.

Once I receive your payment confirmation, I’ll email you the second pattern! 


You do need to sign up for Craftsy to make a purchase.  It’s easy.   After you sign up, all of the patterns you purchase will be in “Your Account” under “My Pattern Library.”  (Your free pattern I emailed you will not be there.  It will be in your email and wherever you decide to download it.)

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