Flower Top Gift Box Tutorial

Imagine presenting a gift in this beautiful, unique box.  They will ooh and ahhh about it before they even open the gift!

Inspiration:  I recently was given a gift in a beautiful package.  I felt so special before I even opened it.  Someone took the time to make this gift look so lovely for me.

I hated to even open it, but it made the whole process even more special and lovely.  I felt even more like I had been given such a wonderful gift!

2 pieces of card stock
Wire (any kind)
Flower Pattern
Awl (or thumbtack or pin)
Bone folder or, as I use, big popsicle stick

Step #1

Rip 4 pages out of a magazine.  Then cut them in half.

Step #2

Print and cut out the Flower Pattern.  Then cut out 4 of the small flowers and 4 of the larger flowers.  I usually pin them onto the paper to hold it.  It does put holes in your paper, but you can't really see them.

Step #3

Use your awl to punch 2 holes in the middle of the flowers.  

(HINT:  If you don't have an awl, you can use a thumbtack or pin to poke holes.)

Step #4

Cut a piece of wire.

Step #5

Fold the wire in half and slide the button on.  The top of the button will go towards the curved part of the wire.

Step #6

Slide the magazine flowers onto the wire.  The smaller flowers will be closest to the button.  That is the top or front of the flower.

Step #7

Twist the wire once or twice.

Set the flower aside for now.  

Now we'll make the box.

Step #8

Grab one piece of card stock.  Fold it as shown in the 2nd photo (you're trying to create a perfect square.)

(HINT:  You can really use any paper here.  I have used magazines for this part, too, but they are little more flimsy.  I have used old file folders that the office I worked for threw out, too.  They are perfect.)

Step #9

Cut off the extra card stock.

Open the card stock back up.

Step #10

Fold in half diagonally.

Open the card stock back up.

Step #11

Fold in each corner to the middle fold.

Open card stock back up.

Step #12

Fold up each corner to the fold you just made.

Open back up.

Step #13

Fold each corner up to the closest fold.

Open card stock back up.

Step #14

Make cuts in the card stock.  I drew a line showing where to cut.  Cut on either side of 4 blocks and a triangle on opposite sides.

Step #15

Flip over the card stock.  Punch 2 holes in the middle with your awl (or a thumbtack or pin.)

Step #16

Grab the flower you made previously.

Push the wires of the flower through the holes.

Step #17

Twist the wire a few times.  Then cut the wire if you need to.  (Not too short, though!)

Step #18

Fold up the sides, parallel with the cuts you made, following the fold lines you made.

Do this for each side.

Step #19

The fold up the ends of the sides as shown in the photo.

Step #20

Fold the sides into a square.

Step #21

Fold in the other sides using the folds you already created.

Step #22

Use a bone folder (or popsicle stick if you're like me!) and go around all your folds.

Step #23

Use your awl or a pencil to curl up the top couple of levels of flower petals.

You're done with the lid!

Step #24

To make the bottom, follow the steps to make the box from above (minus the flower part).  You have to make the square a little smaller so it fits inside of the lid.  When you do the original fold before cutting the card stock, don't fold it all the way to the edge, instead fold it short.  Cut off the excess.  Follow steps 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23.

Now your Flower Top Gift Box is ready to fill with a gift!!

Idea for customization:

Instead of the magazine flower, try a tissue paper flower on top.   Make the box first and then use my Flower Made From an Old Pattern Tutorial and put it on top at the end.

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