Fabric Rose Flower Brooch

A while back I posted this Fabric Rose Flower Tutorial.  I used it to make a cool garland reusing old t-shirts.

I used the same tutorial to make a pretty brooch.  

I think that this tutorial would also be a beautiful addition to a fabric cuff.  You could either make the brooch and pin it onto the cuff, or sew the fabric rose right onto the cuff.


Fabric (old t-shirts work great!)
Needle and thread
Pin finding
I got this fabric (along with another fabric!) at a thrift store for 25 cents!

Step #1

Cut your fabric into a thin strip.  Mine was 1 inch wide and 60 inches long.

Step #2

Fold the fabric in half longways.

Step #3

Roll the fabric a few times, then put a stitch in.  It will be hidden, so it doesn't have to be anything special.  Some people don't clip the thread and just keep going.  I like to tie off and clip the thread.

Step #4

Twist the fabric completely around.  

Step #5

Keep rolling and putting stitches in as you go along.  Continue on until your rose is the size you want.  You can add more fabric strips by stitching them on to the end of the last piece.  

Step #6

(I missed taking a photo here!)

Secure the end to the rose with a few stitches

Step #7


When I was done with my Fabric Rose, it seemed a little insecure.  I probably didn't stop and stitch it enough along the way.

I put a stitch through the width of the Fabric Rose.  

Start on the second layer of the Fabric Rose and push the needle almost all the way through.  End and knot it inside the first layer.

Step #8

Sew the pin on the back of the Fabric Rose.

Put it on and enjoy!

Or add it to your fabric cuff!

(This is obviously a different flower!  Learn how to make it:  Fabric Flower Cuff Bracelet)

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