5 Tips for a Great Craft Show

  1. Be prepared!  
  2. Be confident.  Your stuff is great and people are going to love it.  If they don't, then you have learned a lesson about the show.  Maybe it didn't attract your target customers or maybe it didn't advertise enough. 
  3. Be yourself!  Don't set up your display to look like others' displays.  Figure out your vibe and go with it!  Have fun finding display pieces at yard sales, thrift stores and antique stores.  You don't have to have black tablecloths and boring necklace holders that look like everyone else's.  I don't and I do just fine at shows, thank you very much.
  4. Be outgoing.  If you aren't naturally outgoing, then just try taking little steps to fake until you feel more comfortable.  Just say "Hi" or "Good Afternoon" to everyone who comes by (or even near) your booth.  Eventually, you'll start to feel less shy.
  5. Be easy to find again.  Make sure that you have plenty of business cards, brochures or other marketing materials to give out.  Sometimes people who don't want to purchase that day will purchase in the future.  You might get an order from a store this way.  You want to make sure that they can find you again!

You want to go more deeply into being prepared for a craft show?  Try my Craft Show Tips eBook.  It's 29 pages of step-by-step help to get you ready for craft shows!

Even though I grew up with a mom who did craft shows, when it can to selling my own stuff I used to be scared (to the point of throwing up) to do craft shows.  Now I really enjoy them and they are one of my favorite ways to sell jewelry!  I have learned hard lessons through the years, and I'm passing those lessons on to you.

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