Painted Scrabble Tile Pendants

I've been making Scrabble Tile Pendants for a while now.  I use different papers, photographs and tiny prints of artists' work to make them. 

Every so often someone will ask me if I painted the pendant.  Then I would explain that it is a process with paper.  But sometimes I wondered how painting them would work.  

Now, I'm not much of a painter.  I love to paint, but it's not really my forte.  But, for a special occasion, and lacking just the right paper, I tried painting a pendant.

Above is what I came up with.  I like the simplicity and I love trees.  I created exactly what I wanted.

Once you start making scrabble tile pendants, you start to realize you can make other things with your completed pendants, too.  Like earrings (there's a special bail for that), rings, bracelets or pins.

I also made this tie tack.

Do you want to learn how to make Painted Scrabble Tile Pendants of your own?  I used acrylic paints and then followed my Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial, and left out the parts using paper.

You can learn a new skill and make hundreds - thousands, even - of wonderful pieces of jewelry.  You can sell them if you want or give them as personal gifts, or make them for yourself!

Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial, just $5

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