Tutorial: Ribbon or Lace Bookmark with Embellishments

This is a really quick and easy project that is easily customizable!  You can put any charms you want on the end.  This makes a wonderful gift - think about putting one in a book for a wonderful gift.  

These are quick enough that you can still make them in time for Easter! 

Materials and Tools:

Lace or Ribbon (I used lace)
2 end crimps that are the same size as the end of your ribbon or lace
Jump rings

Step #1

Cut your ribbon or lace to the size of your book.  If you'll be using it for several different sizes of books, make it to fit the largest.  (This book is part of my craft book obsession collection.)  

Step #2

Add a crimp end to the end of the ribbon or lace.  Just push the crimp end closed.

Hint:  you may notice that my lace was just a little bit larger than the crimp end.  I just sort of bunched it a little to get it to fit.  This works if the size is close, but if the ribbon/lace is much larger, you can trim it.

Step #3

Add a crimp end to the other end.

Step #4

Add charms to the crimp ends.  They have little hoops and you can use jump rings to attach charms to the ends.  

Step #5

Mark your place in a book with your new bookmark!

If you would like to learn how to make the scrabble pendant used in this bookmark, learn how to open jump rings, and learn how to make other charms, check out my brand new Altered Art Jewelry Digital Program!  Learn all that and much much more!  For instant download, see my Craftsy Pattern Shop.

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