I always hate when bloggers do this...

Hate is too strong of a word.

However, I never understand why bloggers put up posts about why they have been missing and promising to do better.  Just write a post for goodness sakes, right? 

I guess I get it now.  I feel bad and I feel like some sort of explanation is deserved.

As you may remember, I'm getting married soon.  (Just-over-a-month-soon!  AHHH!) And basically every last detail, excepting the food, photography and music have all been completed (sewn, glued, folded, raked, built etc.) by my mom, dad and us.  It's a DIY wedding, but it's also a Green wedding.  It's extremely personal and personalized. 

I had a major hiccup in the whole thing last week (which has thankfully been worked out), but it kept me occupied, stressed and depressed. 

Honestly, these last few (omg!) weeks leading up to the wedding and the week after the wedding are going to be pretty crazy, so please hang in with me on the blog here!  I will be back in the full swing of things before you know it!!

And after the wedding, I'm planning a new offering, and it's pretty exciting and big for me!  An online jewelry class!  I'm working on it, but would love any feedback you would offer in this survey:  Online Jewelry Workshop Survey.  It will help me better offer what you want in the workshop.

(Also, there will be a cute tutorial this week, as well!)

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