Giveaway, Take 2

Well, I'm tempted to say I really "screwed the pooch" here, but no one thinks that saying is as funny as I do!  (Really, ask my fiance, that phrase has been in my head all week and I think it's hilarious.  I keep trying to find a way to bring it into the conversation naturally at my day job.  I haven't yet.)

At any rate,  I messed up and want to try again!

I announced a giveaway, launched a new product and then disappeared!  

As you may remember, I'm getting married.  (Omigosh, NEXT MONTH!)  We are having a green, diy wedding.  Making mostly everything ourselves, searching for plates at thrift stores, making little flower pots, decoupaging old jars for centerpieces, skipping through the woods in search of fallen branches, sewing a lot of napkins and tablecloths, etc.  (that etc. includes A LOT of stuff.)  While I am very on top of things and feel really great about how much we have accomplished, suddenly I realized there were a lot more projects to do, and that projects were taking long than I thought and I really needed my mom for another weekend of help.

And she came to help and we conquered!

But, my poor blog, giveaway and new Altered Art Jewelry Digital Program suffered.

So, I'm extending the giveaway!  Yay!!

Plus, I'll be releasing some more individual tutorials very soon, so we can celebrate them!  (Scrabble Tile Pendants Tutorial, Altered Art Charm Bracelet Tutorial and Bottle Cap Pendant Tutorial)

If you want to be in the running for some cool prizes, head over to my giveaway post to get all the details.

I'm extending the entry date until Monday, April 9, 2012. (I'll pick the winners sometime in the evening.)

Thanks for understanding and Good Luck!!

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