Tutorial: Button Bouquet

Button Bouquet Tutorial

This is such a fun and easy project!  If you love buttons like I do, you’re going to love these cute bouquets!  Plus you need very few materials!


Buttons (about 2-4 per “flower”)
Flower wire


Pair of pliers
Step #1

Pick out buttons and make them into little bunches.  I like to use 3 or 4 buttons for each little flower.

I love using large buttons, but I don’t often have them.  If you are like me, you have a whole stash of buttons you love and don’t know exactly what to do with.  This is a great way to put them on display so you can see them all the time!

Step #2

Loosely bend your floral wire in half.

Step #3

Place your first button on the wire.  Take the top button and slide it onto the wire.  The top of the button should face the bend.  (In other words, the back of the button will be faced towards the 2 ends.)

Step #4

 Add the rest of your buttons for your first flower in the same way.

 Step #5

Use your pliers and twist the floral wire.  I like to twist tightly next to the buttons first.  Then I hold the pliers on the wire, but twist using the buttons.

Move the pliers down further as you get sections twisted.

 (Ummm, you can notice leftover glue on my fingers from a project I did right before this.  Sometimes glue just doesn’t wash off, I guess!)

 Step #6

Twist all the way to the end of the floral wire. 

That’s it!  You have one flower for your bouquet.

If you have a button with a shank, here’s how to make a button flower:

Step #1

Loosely bend the floral wire in half and place the wire through the shank.  Center it on the wire.

Step #2

Slide another button onto the wire in the same way as you did before.

Then continue the tutorial as above.

After you get a bunch of these individual flowers you can make a bouquet!

You can put them in a vase:

I put colorful beads in the bottom of the vase!

Or pull a bunch together and tie a ribbon around them:

 They made lovely presents!

If you would like a PDF version to save of this tutorial, head on over to my Crafty Pattern Store and you can download it for free!


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It's so cute and easy!

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Thanks for this tutorial..you hava a beatiful blog.
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