Tuesday Tip for Greener Living: Paper

Lately I seem to have a problem with paper.  I keep printing things out.  Then I decide that I don't need it.  Or I print out a tutorial to proofread - and believe me there are some errors I only catch if I print - but then I have this pile of paper.  It seemed like such a waste.

Then I started (or really, re-started) to do something.  I started saving all that paper.  Now I print on the back.

Yes, it's really simple.  (Sometimes the best tips are!)

Sometimes we forget about such simple things.  I'll blame it on working at a law firm.  So much personal information is at the law firm and the papers with personal information have to be shredded.

At home, a draft of a tutorial with corrections on it does not need to be shredded.  I can print on the other side.  I can draw out ideas on the other side.  I can print another tutorial on the other side.

But, I certainly don't need to throw it away.

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