Review of Making Motion by Tara Gentile

Making Motion: 7 Steps for Doing More with Your Creative Life

If you have been following along with this blog in the last few months, you have probably read (far too many times!) that for a variety of reasons I have felt stuck and unsure how to proceed in my life, business, etc. I seem to take 1 step forward and then I would fall 2 steps back.

I am happy to announce that I no longer feel stuck. I’m moving forward with some great new ideas, new products and fresh new pendants! I have a couple hundred –NEW- pendants in progress right now!

How did I get in motion again, you ask?

Well, for one, I have been taking Tara Gentile’s (of scoutie girl) Art of Action course. It is such a great space for learning and support.  It has helped to get in me in action. Bonus:  I’ve made connections that I’ll have the rest of my life.

Tara also wrote the eBook Making Motion. I read it and worked on the worksheets all in one sitting. It made everything click for me.  Then I got up and started those couple hundred pendants. Sunday morning, 6:30 a.m. before anything had a chance to stop me.

I had a clearly defined action to take after reading Making Motion.  I knew what I needed to do to get in motion.  I took that action.

See, I have this huge problem of infinite time of “gathering information.” I research and research and, if I am being honest with myself, it’s really just procrastination from making decisions. I’m always afraid I’ll make the wrong one. Somehow, somewhere deep down inside I feel like if I don’t actually make a decision - if I don't make the "motion" or act - I can’t make the wrong choice. Like making the wrong decision would be the end of the world or something.

If you are feeling unable to move forward in any aspect of your life, I highly recommend Tara’s eBook Making Motion.  It’s only $8 and it is worth much more!

Now, go get yourself a copy of Making Motion (just click on the photo above) and get yourself in motion!

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate. However, I wouldn’t be an affiliate unless I felt 100% behind the product! It’s really good stuff.

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