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Centralia Tree Upcycled Scrabble Tile Pendant

I have many - A LOT - of scrabble tile pendants in progress right now! 

I'm so excited that many of them are my own photography.  So you can carry around photos of interesting, unique, historical, odd places right around your neck!  Most of the photography is of places I have visited with my boyfriend (via Outta the Way) around Pennsylvania.  There are other photos, too.

The photo above is just a little taste.  It's of our favorite road sign ever, in the place that got our road trips started:  The abandoned town of Centralia, PA.


This reminds me,
I can make ANY photo into a scrabble tile pendant.  If you can get me an image in ditigal form, I can resize it and make a pendant.

Something to note:  Not all photos look great very tiny!  Keep that in mind when choosing your photo!  (I can give you my opinion on the image you want to use as well.)

Logos make great pendants, too!

To get your own custom pendant, just email me and I'll give you all the details!

To get of of my photo pendants, check back at the end of the week!

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