Old Jeans - New Pillow Tutorial

Old Jeans - New Pillow Tutorial

I have probably mentioned this before - I Love Denim!  It's sturdy and rugged and matches everything!  

This tutorial will help you reuse jeans that are worn out or your kids grew out of and make it into something awesome!

This pillow looks impressive, but it's really simple and easy to put together.

Tools Needed:

Sewing machine

Supplies Needed:

Old jeans in 2 different shades
Thread to match the jeans
Polyester fiberfill (or other stuffing for your pillow)

Step #1

Go through your old worn out jean collection (lol...I might be the only one with that sort of collection!), or get your family and friends to donate their old jeans to you.

Pick out 2 different shades of jeans.

Step #2

Decide how large you would like your pillow.  And cut strips of denim from your jeans to make enough to make that size pillow.

My pillow is smallish - about 12" x 10".  So I cut my strips 1 1/2" wide and 12" long.

Cut an even number of strips.  (I didn't, learn from my mistake.)

Step #3

Cut out the back denim blocks.  Cut half of the back in 1 shade and the other half in the other shade.  Then cut those pieces.  I didn't make the second cut in half, so that there were 2 larger blocks and 2 smaller blocks.  (See below)

Step #4

Sew the larger pieces to the smaller pieces and then sew the 2 halves together forming the back of the pillow.

Step #5

Cut your long strips into different lengths.  Cut 2 strips (1 of each shade) at a time.  Cut each pair in the same lengths and then arrange them.  Then move to the next 2 and so on.  

I sort of messed this up at the end because I didn't use an even number of strips, so my last strip is just solid.  

Step #6

Sew dark shade of denim to the lighter shade of denim into long strips.

Step #7

Sew the strips together.

Step #8

Put the right sides of the front and back together.  Sew around the edges, leaving a opening big enough to stuff your pillow.

Step #9

Turn the pillow right-side out.  Make sure you push out the corners.

 Step #10

If you haven't ironed - iron your pillow! 

Then stuff your pillow.  For a firmer pillow, use more poly fiberfill; for softer pillow, use less.

Step #11

Sew your pillow closed.  Fold in the edges.  Pull the needle and thread from the inside and them sew it up.

Step #12

Enjoy your pillow!!

General Tips:

I was trying to get photos of each step before the sun went down, so I didn't iron at the beginning or along the way.  You should definitely iron along the way while you are making this pillow.

You can really use any design you want for this pillow - you don't necessarily need to make strips or blocks.  Obviously straight lines are easier to sew.

Have fun!

I love this look so much, that I'm thinking about making a skirt with the same strips!  If I do, I'll be sure to share!

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