Don't Be Afraid to Be Creative!

I made these newspaper heart decorations for my booth at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER.  I put them up on First Friday and they were a big hit!

People kept saying that they could never come up with something so creative.

I don't particularly feel as though I came up with something that creative.  I knew I wanted Valentine's Day decorations in my booth.  I knew that I wanted to make them out of "trash."  I had a pile of newspaper.

Somewhere in my past, I think in elementary school, we made shapes (I think fish) out of newspaper.

Somehow I remembered this and created the hearts.  Then the other details just started to come to me.  I love buttons and have tons of them, so I knew they would be great!  I think they're why the hearts are so cute!

Anyone could have made the hearts if they had the same experiences as me.  I'm not any more creative than the next person.  I just had a cool elementary school teacher, the proper supplies and tools and the desire to make something.  I also did not have any fear that it wouldn't work out.  I didn't know, but I didn't really worry about it either.

They could have just as easily not worked out.

So, if you wish to be creative, GO FOR IT!  You may just need some tools or a little instruction and the desire to make something cool!  Don't be afraid of failing!  You can just try again if it doesn't work out.

My New Idea

I have been thinking and reflecting on my business lately.  I had been feeling like I needed to add or change something.  I love making jewelry and I will continue to do so, of course, but I wanted to add something, too.

Quite frequently lately I have been noticing people telling me that they "wish" they were creative.  I have been telling people they "are" creative.  They don't believe me, though.

So, I have decided to launch a line of eBooks to help people learn how to use their own creativity to make awesome stuff!

The eBooks will be much more than just a tutorial or pattern of how to make a predetermined project.  The tutorials will contain lots of information on how to create your own unique project.

For example, the first eBook will be "Design a Doll."  I will be sharing step-by-step instructions on how I design my own dolls, how I make patterns for them and instructions on how to sew them.  

Your project won't likely be perfect at your first attempt.  The beautiful thing is that you get to try again!  The more you make the projects, I hope that you will eventually become very comfortable with making things and coming up with your own ideas.  

The more comfortable you become, the more creative you will be!

First eBook Release

The first eBook - Design a Doll - is set to launch on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2011 in my Etsy Shop!

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